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Why Diaz Aqua RO System

we adopt a innovate a new product technologies to enhance product quality a feutures as per customer requirement.our company's motto is to provide our customers with quality and standard products at competitive prices. prompt delivery installation and demonstration,after sales service , prompt handling of customer complaints and consumer education has helped is in winning the confidence of the customer.

Features :-

Purifies Water from any sources
Diaz Aqua Purifiers can purity water from any source be it top, powerful or overhead tank.
Fully automatic
it is fully automatic,it saves you from the tension of manually switching it on and starting rear the purifier to fill the water.

High Purification Capacity
Diaz Aqua purifiers removes undesirable soluble salts from water and make it healthy & tasty.
Efficient after
sales Service
Diaz aqua products are backed by a very efficient & prompt after sales service.
1 Year Fully warranty
one year free replacement warranty on all products including membrane at home service.

Advanced multi stage ro purification technology :-

  • State 1- Pre Filter
  • removes coarse impurities from water to enhance the ro membrane & system.

  • State 2- sediment filter
  • filtration of impurities such as dust ,rust,dirt and sludge from water.

  • State 3- pre-carbon
  • there is an activated carbon filter which filter organic chemicals, agricultural chemical, pigments,detergent and chlorine etc. if this is not done then film composite reverse osmosis membranes would be attacked and degraded.

  • State 4- RO Membrane
  • the removes bacteria, virus, hardness,pasticides,heavy metals & makes water safe for drinking .(A reverse osmosis filter is conducted to even better quality of water . all the other different kinds of bacteria and residents impurities areremove through 0.0001 m pore size.)

  • State 5- Ultra voilet
  • ultra voilet deactivated bacterial & viruses.

  • State 6- Alkaline
  • alkaline water is a powerful natural drink, discover the incredible benefits of purified ionized water.